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Project FS 12/28 - Review of CAAP 5.14-1- Instrument Rating Renewals using an overseas Flight Simulator Training Provider

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Flight Crew licensing
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Closure notes

Project closed 24 October 2013

With changes to the Flight Crew Licensing Suite being implemented on 4 December 2013, changes to the CAAP 5.14-1 will now be superseded by the requirements under CASR Part 61. These changes will now be included in an Advisory Circular under the Part 61 project.


Civil Aviation Order (CAO 40.2.1) Section 12A makes provision for the renewal of an instrument rating on the basis of an Instrument proficiency check conducted by an overseas flight simulator training provider.

CAAP 5.14-1(0) outlines the administrative process and other requirements that an applicant must complete to ensure the requirements specified in CAO 40.2.1 for the renewal are satisfied. This project will also clarify the intent including who can conduct the oral examination component.

Following changes to the administrative process within CASA for the flight test notification system, CASA will need to update the CAAP so that there are no inconsistencies with CASA manuals.

Project objective

To amend CAAP 5.14(0) to:

  • Ensure that process described therein meets the intent of the requirements specified in CAO 40.2.1;
  • Provide clarity and transparency of the process;
  • Provide clarity and transparency for ease of compliance;
  • Remove CASA administrative process and place them into the relevant CASA manuals.

Rules affected

CAAP 5.14


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division and Peter Fereday, Executive Manager Industry Permissions on 14 June 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Quentin Fuller, Flight Simulation Specialist Flying Standards Branch, Operations Division.

Project Sponsors: Peter Fereday , Executive Manager Industry Permissions and Peter Cromarty A/g Executive Manager Operations Division

Standards Officer: Mike Juelg

Project Priority


Project FS 12/28