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Project FS 12/21 - Early Implementation of CASR Part 61 provisions - CASA Glider Pilot Licence

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Flight Crew licensing
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Closure notes

Project closed 26 March 2013.

This project has been cancelled due to the imminent implementation of CASR Part 61 which contains the required licence provisions.


A need has existed for many years to have a CASA issued licence for glider pilots. While the existing form of certification under the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) works well and continues to serve the needs of glider pilots within Australia, pilots travelling overseas particularly those who seek to participate in competitions have regularly asked CASA to introduce a CASA licence/certificate which will be more readily recognised by foreign National Aviation Authorities (NAAs).

A CASA issued glider pilot licence has been included in the Draft CASR Part 61. Therefore, the early implementation of the license by way of a Civil Aviation Order (CAO) would not be inconsistent with industry expectations or prior industry consultation. The CAO would bring into effect a CASA glider pilot certificate which would be available to holders of GFA pilot certificates

Some conditions would apply:

  • An applicant for a CASA glider pilot certificate must hold a current pilot certificate issued by the GFA or another recognised authority,
  • The holder of CASA glider pilot certificate must hold a CASA Class 2 Medical, [the purpose of a CASA glider pilot certificate is to be ICAO compliant for overseas operation which requires a CASA Class 2 medical]
  • The CASA glider pilot certificate will only be valid while the holder continues to hold a valid GFA pilot certificate.
  • When the certificate is used inside Australian territory, the holder musty comply with the rules, orders, directions and procedures contained in the GFA operational regulations and other applicable manuals and written directives of the GFA.
  • When the certificate is used outside Australia the holder must comply with the rules and procedures of the GFA unless a host country has rules or regulations that require a higher standard of safety, in which case the higher standards must be complied with.

The Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CARs) do not make provision for a glider pilot licence so it will be necessary to authorise it by means of an Order under CAO 95 series.

The order would grant eligible pilots an exemption against CAR Part 5 and it is proposed to title the Order CAO 95.61 in recognition of the fact that it is an early implementation of a Part 61 policy decision.

Project objective

The objective of this project is to create an internationally recognisable CASA qualification for glider pilots.

Rules affected

CAO 95 series.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division and Jonathan Aleck, Associate Director of Aviation Safety on 16 April 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Mick English, Standards Officer, Sport Aviation and Small Aircraft
Project Sponsors: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division and Jonathan Aleck, Associate Director of Aviation Safety
Standards Development Project Manager: Andrew Ward