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Project FS 05/05 - Mandatory navigation aid endorsement for instrument rating issue and renewal

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Flight Crew licensing
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Currently under CAO 40.2.1, a flight test for an instrument rating including a renewal requires an NDB approach to be demonstrated. Although this has been the most common navigation aid used by pilots, the development of GNSS technology and aircraft displays means many new aircraft ranging from small Cirrus aircraft to the Airbus A380 are not fitted with this type of navigation aid. This together with the proliferation of GNSS approaches across Australia has reduced the reliance on NDBs which are planned to be phased out over the next few years. The minimum navigation equipment required to be fitted to an IFR aircraft can be for either an NDB or a VOR.

This project sets out to amend CAO 40.2.1 to permit a demonstration of either the VOR or NDB navigation aids as sufficient for the flight test of an Instrument rating. Additionally, it is stated that the holder of an Instrument rating must only use the navigation aids endorsed in a pilot's log book. It is not clear in the CAO whether a co-pilot is required to hold a navigation aid endorsement when the captain is flying the aircraft. Given it is unlikely that the co-pilot could perform the duties required during an instrument approach if he does not hold the applicable navigation aid endorsement, the project proposes to amend CAO 40.2.1 paragraph 13.3.4 to clarify that if an aircraft is being navigated using a particular navigation aid or procedure, then all members of the operating crew must be endorsed to use that navigation aid or procedure.

Rules affected

CAO Section 40.2.1 - Instrument ratings


Title Details Date
Consultation updates in 2006
Amendments to CAO 40.2.1 approved by the Director of Aviation Safety Project FS 05/05 closed. 21 Mar 2006
Consultation updates in 2005
Project FS 05/05 - Mandatory navigation aid endorsement for instrument rating issue and renewal New rulechange project has been registered. 14 Dec 2005