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Project Fees 2004 - Fees: Amendments to the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations in 2004

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Who the Fees Regulations affect

In the first (interim) stage of the cost recovery process in 2004, the proposed increase to fees and charges impacted on people and businesses who required:

  • Certificates of Airworthiness
  • Approvals including manufacture and maintenance approvals
  • Aerodrome licences
  • Air Operator's Certificates (AOCs)
  • Airworthiness Authorities
  • AME Licensing Exams and Licences
  • Flight Crew Licensing Exams and Licences (including exams for Fiji), and
  • Flight Manuals.

The second stage of the cost-recovery process (known as the Long Term Funding Strategy) affects the aviation community generally.

Key proposals

In the first stage of the cost recovery process expected to be implemented in July 2004, the following was proposed:

  • Increasing the existing hourly rate of $75 an hour to $130 an hour for hourly-rate services currently listed in the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations;
  • Increasing the existing fixed charges as shown in the proposed Schedule of Fees below for fixed price charges currently listed in the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations;
  • Not increasing the number of chargeable services already listed in the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations.

Initial amendment in 2004

The Government's policy is to partially or fully cost recover for the provision of consumer-based services or activities, the most recent announcement being in the 2004-05 Portfolio Budget Statements in which the Government agreed that CASA should increase its fees and charges to align them with today's prices. CASA is obliged to make increases and is taking an incremental approach to achieving full cost recovery. CASA's obligations are explained in more detail in a Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS).

Under the original Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations, CASA charged for about 40 of the estimated 150 services it provides to the aviation community. Those fees and charges have been unchanged since 1995 with no adjustments for inflation and GST. The proposed 2004 amendments to the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations were the first stage and were developed by a Fees Review Team in CASA. More information on this initial amendment to the Fees Regulations is provided in the 2004 consultation log.

Ongoing amendments

Additional changes were made in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Reviews and amendments of CASA's fees and charges are the responsibility of a Long Term Funding Strategy Project in CASA.