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Project CS 12/41 - Amendment to CAO 100.5 - inclusion of a mandatory inspection of Control Cable Terminals manufactured from SAE-AISI 303 Se stainless steel

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
Project status: 

Closure notes

Project closed 11 June 2013.

As a result of further consideration of this project, CASA Airworthiness & Engineering Standards Branch Will now issue an NPRM which will outline CASA's proposed plan to issue an Instrument (as opposed to amending CAO 100.5) which would seek to mandate a recurring inspection of control cable assemblies with terminals manufactured from SAE-AISI 303 Se stainless steel.


CASA has received a number of Service Difficulty Reports from aircraft operators on control cable terminal fitting failures. The control cable terminals were manufactured from SAE-AISI 303 Se, had been in service for 15 years or more and failed due to stress corrosion cracking.

Project objective

The proposed amendment to CAO 100.5 (General requirements in respect of maintenance of Australian Aircraft) 2011, seeks to mandate a recurring inspection, applicable to control cable terminals manufactured from SAE-AISI 303 Se, which have a total time in service of greater than, or equal to, 15 years.

Rules affected

CAO 100.5


This project was approved by Peter Boyd Executive Manager Standards Division on 26 November 2012.

Project management

Project Leaders: Thomas Wiltshire

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division

Standards Officer: Mike Broom, Standards Development