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Project CS 12/25 - Applicability of Bell 204/205 Airworthiness Directives for UH-1 Helicopters

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
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Closure notes

Project closed 14 May 2013.

Following consultation comments indicating that there was only limited statistical data to justify and AD, CASA will now review all Type Acceptance Certificates for the UH-1 series with the aim of correcting operational categories and airworthiness limitations.


This proposed UH-1 Airworthiness Directive will address a potential unsafe condition where rotorcraft components with a lower safe working life on Bell 204/205 helicopters differs from the lower safe working lives on the Bell UH-1 series aircraft.

Currently some operators may not be complying with applicable AD's given that the applicability section of the AD does not state all specific models that are affected. It is also noted that where various UH-1 Type Certificate data sheets make reference to Bell 204/205 Airworthiness Directives as applicable, some operators are not actioning them appropriately given that the statement in the applicability section of the AD does not state the model UH-1 or TH-1.

Legislative action is required to ensure that all operators comply with safe working limits of rotorcraft, and the misleading information between the TCDS and AD is clarified.

Project objective

To issue an Airworthiness Directive mandating Bell 204/205 AD's as being applicable to UH-1 helicopters when component part numbers are identical.

There are currently no Australian regulatory policies to address Military aircraft transitioning to the civil register.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Division on 5 June 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Gustav Anderson

Project Sponsors: Peter Boyd Executive Manager Standards Division

Standards Officer: Mike Broom

Project Priority


Project CS 12/25