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Project CS 12/10 - Issue an Australian unique Airworthiness Directive to mandate GippsAero Service Bulletin SB-GA8-2012-77

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
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Closure notes

Project closed 9 August 2012

AD/GA/8/6 has been issued to mandate GippsAero Service Bulletin SB-GA8-2012-77 Issue 3.


In the last six (6) months, CASA has received three (3) Service Difficulty Reports (SDRs) related to burnt electrical connectors on GippsAero GA8 aeroplanes. This connector provides power to the pitot heater located on the left wing tip. The connector itself is located within the left hand wing tip. GippsAero has issued a mandatory service bulletin (SB-GA8-2012-77 Issue 2) which inspects the connector at the 100 hour inspection check and replaces the connector if there are any signs of connector charring. The GA8 aeroplane is certified for IFR flight to a maximum altitude of 20,000ft. Since the aeroplane may encounter inadvertent icing conditions whilst in IMC, the loss of heating to pitot system in these conditions may lead to a loss of air speed indication, which may lead to a loss of control of the aircraft. To minimise this risk, it is recommended that modifying the aeroplane with new connector terminals as per the above SB, which should be accomplished at the next 100 hour inspection check.

Project objective

Issue an Australian Airworthiness Directive to mandate the modification of the connector assembly at next 100 hour inspection check.

Rules affected

SB -GA8-2012-77


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Development & Future Technology Division on 10 February 2012.

Project management

Project Leader: Philip Khan

Project Sponsors: Peter Boyd

Standards Development Project Manager: Mike Broom

Project Priority