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Project CS 11/12 - Minor Correction to CASR Part 90 Manual of Standards

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
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Consultation documents


This project is now closed.

24 Oct 2011

Project CS 11/12 - Minor Correction to CASR Part 90 Manual of Standards

This project is now closed.

Refer to the project closure notes for further information.

5 Sep 2011

Consultation Draft - Minor Correction to MOS Part 90 - Additional Airworthiness Requirements

Comments close Monday 19 September 2011.

17 May 2011

Project CS 11/12 - Minor Correction to CASR Part 90 Manual of Standards

Project approved.

Closure notes

Project closed 24 October 2011.

On 12 October 2011, the Acting Director of Aviation Safety made Manual of Standards Part 90 Amendment Instrument 2011 (No. 1) (the amending instrument). The amending instrument was registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments on 17 October 2011 and comes into effect on 18 October 2011.

The amending instrument amends subsection 31.4 of the Part 90 Manual of Standards (the Part 90 MOS) relating to interior emergency exit markings. It also makes amendments to the Manual of Standards Part 90 Instrument 2010 that are designed to make the Part 90 MOS a free-standing instrument, rather than one "contained in" the schedule of another instrument.


Numerous Airbus aircraft (amongst others) are not in compliance with MOS Part 90 Para 31.4 because of unintended changes. The paragraph is applicable to aircraft of any certification period, whereas the original requirement in AD/General/4 was applicable to aircraft certificated prior to 1 May 1972. Wording was also revised to make it applicable to all exit handles rather than exit handles with a rotary motion. These changes have had the unintended consequences of introducing Australian unique requirements.

Project Objective

The wording of CASR Part 90 intended to move requirements from Airworthiness Directives, specifically the AD/General series, to regulatory legislation and a Manual of Standards without changing the intent. This project will correct an error that occurred during that transition which is know to affect some Airbus aircraft but may additionally affect other aircraft types. The aim is to return the Manual of Standard's intent, with respect to Emergency Exit placarding, back to those contained in the existing AD/General/4 Amdt 4 but in a current legislative writing style.

This change will realign the Manual of Standards with FAR 121.310(e)(1). These changes have no effect on industry other than to correct the situation that some aircraft that were mistakenly made non-compliant at the time CASR Part 90 came into effect. There is no increase in burden for aircraft operators or owners.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, EM SD&FT on 5 May 2011

Rules affected

Part 90 Manual of Standards

Project management

Project Leader: Mark Bathie, Airworthiness Engineer, Airworthiness & Engineering

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development & Future Technology Division

Standards Development Project Manager: Shamshad Quraishi

Project Priority