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Project CS 11/08 - Proposed assessment of Advisory Circular AC 21.10 (Experimental Certificates) to include additional risk assessment information

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
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Project closure

AC 21-10(2) was published on 8 July 2011 and now includes the additional risk assessment information as outlined in the project objective.


The operation of experimental aircraft, especially those flow during the test phases of developmental or modification projects, can by it's very nature, involved elevated level of risk. There are no regulations attempting to limit the risks involved, or indeed stipulating that an operator of such experimental aircraft carryout formal risk management procedures, with respect to the aircraft itself or the occupants thereof. Never the less, CASR 21.193(c ) requires that an applicant for an experimental certificate provide CASA or the authorised person with any information reasonably needed to enable the imposition of conditions or limitations necessary in the interests of the safety of other airspace users and persons on the ground or water. This implies that at least a fundamental risk management process, which considers the safety of other persons, must be conducted. AC 21.10 will be amended to provide some extra guidance to those officers who, in the process of considering an application for an experimental certificate, need to assess whether information sufficient to satisfy the requirements of CASR 21.193(c ) has been submitted.

Project Objective

The objective is to take the risk assessment advice currently published internally within CASA as SMI - 005-2009 and incorporate it into AC 21.10 thereby making it available to all persons responsible for issuing experimental certificates.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, EM SD&FT on 22 March 2011

Rules affected

AC 21.10

Project management

Project Leader: Nick Coulson, CASA Test Pilot, Airworthiness & Engineering Branch

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, Executive Manager Standards Development & Future Technology Division

Standards Development Project Manager: Nick Coulson

Project Priority


Project CS 11/08