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Project CS 11/04 - Amendment of CAAP 51-2 to provide an appendix detailing a summary of suspected/detected unapproved parts

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Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
Project status: 

Closure notes

Project closed 25 May 2012.

CASA intends to rewrite the numerous Advisory Circulars on suspected/unapproved parts into Airworthiness Bulletins.


CASA has multiple Advisory Circulars and Airworthiness Bulletins detailing examples of unapproved parts. The CAAP, which deals with the topic of detecting and reporting such parts, will also provide readers with a summary of detected and suspected unapproved parts discovered by Government or Industry.

Project Objective

Amend CAAP 51-2 to provide summary of suspected/detected unapproved parts.


This project was approved by Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development & Future Technology Division on 4 February 2011.

Rules affected

CAAP 51-2

Project management

Project Leader: Mike Broom

Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development and Future Technology

Standards Development Project Manager: Mike Broom