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Project CS 10/18 - Update of AC 21-46

Topic code: 
Aircraft Registration, Marking and Certification
Project status: 

Project closure notes

Project closed 1 February 2011

The revised AC 21-46 has been published


In response to Industry request, the AC needs to be amended to include an additional Annex for recently approved equipment.

Project Objective

The AC is to be amended to include the additional Annex.


This project was approved by Rick Leeds, A/G EM Standards Development and Future Technology Division on 22 July 2010

Project management

Project Leader: Charles Lenarcic
Project Sponsor: Peter Boyd, EM Standards Development & Future Technology Division
Standards Development Project Manager: Mike Broom

Project Priority



Title Details Date
Consultation updates in 2011
Project CS 10/18 - Update of AC 21-46 This project is now closed.
Refer to the Project Closure Notes for further information.
1 Feb 2011
Consultation updates in 2010
Project CS 10/18 - Update of AC 21-46 Project approved. 22 Jul 2010