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Project AS 10/25 - Review and redevelopment of Aerodrome Safety Management and Aerodrome Manual Advisory Material

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Airspace and Aerodromes
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Project closure notes

Project closed 21 January 2011. The objectives/work of this project has been merged into Project AS 10/17 - Airspace and Aerodromes SMS, Regulation, MOS, Advisory material and Aerodrome and SMS Manual Template review and alignment.

The work of both AS 10/17 and AS 10/25 are co-dependant SMS improvements and will be addressed through a modified objective to AS 10/17.


Safety Management Systems were mandated for Australia's certified aerodromes in 2005, for international airports, and 2007 for all other aerodromes. An SMS review workshop held in February 2010 agreed that the implementation of SMS had been less than optimal and further work was required by CASA to support the industry - see EF10/265249.

One of the actions identified by the workshop was the revitalisation and formalisation of aerodrome safety management and aerodrome manual guidance material. Current material consists of Advisory Circular 139-16(0), a template aerodrome manual (known as the "Leeming" manual) and template safety management system (known as the "Somewhere Aerodrome" SMS template).

The current Advisory Circular is based on a dated SMS framework and the template documents are now considered extremely deficient and overly informal. The continued publication of these documents creates confusion, fails to support the industry in the adoption of SMS and discourages innovation in applying modern safety principles.

The SMS framework concerns are being addressed under a separate project (AS 10/17) which also aims to harmonise aerodrome safety management material with that covered under airways and airspace regulatory systems.

This project's overall goal is to formalise the template guidance material and promote the status of SMS within aerodrome documentation by thoroughly revising AC 139-16(0).

Project Objective

The following project objectives have been identified:

  1. Formalise existing guidance material to bring them into line with CASA's current regulatory framework
  2. Modernise SMS and aerodrome guidance material to bring it into line with ICAO guidance material and international industry best-practice
  3. Deliver a revised Advisory Circular 139-16(0) which will include an integrated aerodrome manual and safety management system and extensive guidance on the development and maintenance of aerodrome safety documentation (the deliverable)
  4. The deliverable will provide support to Australian aerodromes struggling with the implementation of safety management processes

The following project objectives have also been identified:

  1. The deliverable will promote the status of safety management among all Australian aerodromes
  2. The deliverable will lead to a greater level of safety and compliance at Australian aerodromes


This project was approved by Peter Boyd on 2 December 2010, EM Standards Development & Future Technology Division.

Rules affected

AC 139-16

Project management

Project Leader: Daniel Parsons, Aerodrome Inspector

Project Sponsor: Peter Cromarty, EM Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Group

Standards Development Project Manager: Andrew Ward


Title Details Date
Consultation updates in 2011
Project AS 10/25 - Review and redevelopment of Aerodrome Safety Management and Aerodrome Manual Advisory Material This project is now closed.

Refer to Project closure notes for full details.
21 Jan 2011
Consultation updates in 2010
Project AS 10/25 - Review and redevelopment of Aerodrome Safety Management and Aerodrome Manual Advisory Material Project approved. 6 Dec 2010