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Project AS 01/02 - CASR Part 173: Instrument flight procedure design

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Airspace and Aerodromes
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Closure notes

Project closed January 2003.


The determination of instrument flight procedures is a CASA responsibility under CAR 178.

The actual design work is carried out by Airservices as a delegate of CASA.

One private provider, IAC GPS Pty. Ltd has also been issued with a delegation to design GPS approaches.

A number of other organisations have applied for delegation to design procedures, but these applications have been deferred until a suitable regulatory framework is available.

CASR Part 173 is a completely new regulation that will provide the mechanism to certify new and existing procedure design organisations.

Canada has regulatory provision for this function, but no country has yet certified private procedure designers, although New Zealand (NZ) and the United Kingdom (UK) have commenced drafting regulations. The NZ CAA draft Regulation Parts 95 and 173 have been taken into account in the drafting of CASR Part 173. The UK has yet to release a draft of their proposal.


  • An instrument flight procedure design organisation (including existing delegates, Airservices Australia and IAC GPS Pty. Ltd.) will require a certificate under Part 173.
  • Designers will be required to operate in accordance with an operations manual as well as implement a safety management system and a checking and training system.
  • CASA must approve the Chief Designer and all design staff must meet minimum qualification and experience requirements. Design standards will not change in that instrument flight procedures will continue to be designed in accordance with ICAO Pans-Ops criteria, supplemented by standards promulgated in a Part 173 Manual of Standards.


This project was approved and announced 1/08/2001.

Rules affected

  • Part 173

Project management

Project Leader: Bob Kennedy

Project Sponsors: Branch Head, Airspace, Air Traffic and Aerodrome Standards



Standards Consultative Committee (SCC)

Airspace and Infrastructure Users Group


Title Details Date
Consultation updates in 2002
Project AS 01/02 - CASR Part 173: Instrument flight procedure design Project closed. January 2003
NPRM 0215AS - Instrument flight procedure design NPRM 0215AS - Instrument flight procedure design has been issued. Your comments are requested. 30 April 2002
Consultation updates in 2001
DP 0107AS Instrument Flight Procedure Design DP 0107AS Instrument Flight Procedure Design - is now available and constructive comments are invited. The public consultation period closed on 19 October 2001. 17 August 2001
Project OS 01/02 – CASR Part 173: Instrument flight procedure design Project approved. 1 August 2001
Project team meeting for CASR 173 Minutes of the first Part 173 project team meeting held in April are now available. CASR Part 173 will contain the rules that deal with the design of instrument flight procedures. 7 May 2001