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Project MS 05/03 - CASR Part 47: Transitional requirements for aircraft registration under CASR Part 47

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This project is now closed.

20 Oct 2005

CASR amendments made by the Administrator of the Commonwealth

Project MS 05/03 closed.

4 Apr 2005

Project MS 05/03 - Transitional requirements for aircraft registration under CASR Part 47

New rulechange project has been registered.


CASR Part 47 took effect on 15 November 2004. Aircraft owners have until 15 November 2005 to submit necessary registration details to CASA to complete the transition period to the new aircraft registration requirements. An aircraft registration will lapse if an application to transition to CASR Part 47 is not received/considered by CASA by the transition end date of 14 November 2005.

CASA's Part 47 implementation/transition team is of the view that there may be a rush of application forms lodged in the final weeks before the end of the transition period, which would result in a workload higher than the team can cope with. Inevitably, this rush could also result in the delayed processing of many forms which have been completed incorrectly or require some additional supporting documentation. It is highly unlikely that these cases could be finalised and the registrations transitioned prior to the end of the transition period (i.e. by the end of 14 November 2005).

This project will seek to amend CASR Subpart 202.BF before 15 November 2005, to establish an appropriate degree of protection to aircraft owners who genuinely attempted to comply with the requirements before CASA forces lapsing of the registrations, as required by regulation 202.226 (3).

Rules affected

CASR Part 202 - Transitional arrangements

Project MS 05/03

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