Passengers urged to travel safely

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is reminding passengers to show consideration to fellow travellers and airline staff over the Easter holidays while paying attention to safety information.

It follows the launch of the ‘No More Carry On’ campaign launched jointly with airlines, airports and the Australian Federal Police over the busy Christmas period.

The campaign plays on the concept that while carry-on luggage is allowed, disruptive or abusive ‘carry-on behaviour’ will not be tolerated. CASA Chief Executive Officer and Director of Aviation Safety Pip Spence said travelling could be a stressful period for many but it was important for all travellers to be mindful of their behaviour and to treat everyone with respect.

‘Bad behaviour on an aircraft can put safety at risk. It can disrupt the important safety duties of aircraft crew members, cause distractions during critical phases of flight and jeopardise the safety of other passengers,’ Ms Spence said.

‘We encourage passengers to listen to the safety briefings while on board and follow all directions and requests from cabin crew.

‘For many in the industry it’s been a difficult 2 years with reduction in aviation activity due to COVID-19. As the safety regulator, we have an important role to play in making sure when you get on a plane that you arrive at your destination safely, and we’re looking for your help in contributing to safety for all passengers onboard.’

There is a range of penalties for unruly behaviour and failing to comply with the safety direction or instruction of a crew member.

Examples of penalties under the civil aviation legislation

Offence Law Penalty
Unruly behaviour Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 - Reg 91.525 - Offensive or disorderly behaviour Up to 50 penalty units. Each penalty unit is currently $222 (up to $11,100). Infringement Notice penalty $1,110.
Failure to comply with any safety direction or instruction of a crew member Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 - Regs 91.575 and 91.580 Up to 50 penalty units. Each penalty unit is currently $222 (up to $11,100). Infringement Notice penalty $1,110.
Interference with a crew member or threatening the safety of persons on board an aircraft Civil Aviation Act 1988 - s. 24 Up to 2 years inprisonment



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