Part 91 Manual of Standards updated to insert missing provisions


We have amended the Part 91 Manual of Standards to insert some intended alleviating rules and fix minor editorial errors.

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These amendments are minor or machinery in nature that do not substantially alter existing arrangements.

To see the amended changes visit the Federal Register of Legislation.

Amended changes

MOS Amendment (chapter/section/subsection) Problem/Issue Change
Note after paragraph 14.04(1)(a) Editorial only Correct font and text size.
Subparagraph 20.01(2)(c)(iv) and section 20.03 The combined effect of these 2 rules meant that during medical transport operations, infants, or children under 6, were not allowed to be carried during flight in the arms of an adult who was occupying a stretcher instead of a seat.

In subparagraph 20.01(2)(c)(iv), an adult occupying a stretcher has been added.

In section 20.03, an infant or child under the age of 6 during medical transport operations, are deemed restrained when carried in the arms of an adult occupying a seat or a stretcher.

Sections 21.05 and 21.06 The position reporting rules for incorrect position estimates don’t match a long standing ADS-C exception in the AIP (see AIP GEN 3.4 paragraph 7.9.1). New subsections 21.05(1B) and 21.06(2A) have been added to include missing exception.
Section 26.48 When consulting in 2018, CASA’s policy was to allow single engine aircraft to fly over water beyond glide range without a portable ELT (now called a survival ELT), if the aircraft had a radio or another means of communicating with a person on the ground. This was accidentally omitted from the published Part 91 MOS. New subsection 26.48(3A) added to incorporate the appropriate alleviations
Paragraph 26.65(1)(b) Geographic location identifier 'Talgarno' was incorrect. 'Talgarno' replaced with 'Anna Plains'.
Section 26.67 and 26.72C

Section 1.03 of the rules specifies which versions of named documents are required to be used. In relation to section 26.72C requiring compliance with the UK CAA Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 1391, this would require compliance with the latest version of this CAP.

However, the policy objective was to allow compliance with any version of this CAP that was the 2nd edition or later.

A definition of “UK CAP 1391” has been added to section 26.67 enabling the use of the 2nd edition or later.
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