Part 149 of CASR explanation of changes

Rule change

We’re currently making changes to Part 149 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). The information provided in this section outlines what is changing, what you need to know and do, and links to any relevant guidance and reference material. 

For organisations administering sport and recreational aircraft activities, Part 149 does not currently provide:

  • organisational certification processes, or 
  • regulatory standards.
  • Changes to Part 149 will allow existing organisations meeting the applicable standards to continue to administer their own activities.

Objectives of the proposed changes

The proposed changes will allow recreational and other aviation organisations approve and certify regulatory and related aviation activities, including:

  • issuing of the certificates of registration for aircraft over 70kg empty weight
  • issuing of airworthiness certificates (where applicable)
  • specification of pilot qualifications and the issue of pilot authorisations
  • specification of maintainer qualifications the issue of maintainer authorisations
  • approval of associated flying training and maintenance training facilities
  • conduct surveillance activities involving of members and affiliates of the organisations (and the aircraft they operate)
  • enforce where someone is subject to the administrative oversight of the organisation in breach of safety requirements specified in and under the regulations.

This information is contained in Project SS 99/05 - CASR Part 149 Approved Self-Administering Aviation Organisations.

Guidance material

There are no current guidance materials related to changes for Part 149 of CASR.

Online version available at:
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