Opportunity to comment on proposed Cessna SIDs instrument

Date published: 4 April 2022


As part of our general aviation workplan, we are proposing to exempt operators and maintainers of Cessna aircraft in the broader private and aerial work sectors from the requirements to carry out Cessna SIDs.

A plane on the runway

This will bring forward corresponding outcomes from the proposed general aviation maintenance regulations (Part 43). It brings us into line with global practices and only the specific SIDs elements required by an airworthiness directive will be mandatory.

Under Part 43, aircraft will be inspected at regular intervals and if action is needed, we will require it to be taken.

The new exemption would also maintain the intent of the previous instrument (CASA EX67/21) for aircraft in the non-scheduled air transport sector (previously charter) – originally issued as a targeted relief measure for specific SIDs.

SIDS are significant documents for managing continued airworthiness of ageing Cessna aircraft. The new instrument provides flexibility for registered operators of aircraft in the private and aerial work sectors to consider relevant SIDs and take appropriate action to maintain their aircraft. We encourage operators to continue to apply SIDs but recognise not all SIDs are necessary in all cases. We will continue to work with industry, including a Technical Working Group, to finalise the general aviation maintenance regulations (Part 43) and plan to open public consultation soon.

We have made an advance copy of the Cessna SIDs instrument available for your review before we issue the instrument in late April. If you would like to comment, visit the Consultation Hub now.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//opportunity-comment-proposed-cessna-sids-instrument
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