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Regional Aviation Safety Forum (RASF)

The Director of Aviation Safety (DAS) is committed to ensuring CASA has an open and productive relationship with the aviation industry with formal and informal channels for aviation people and organisations to put their views to CASA.

With this in mind the DAS created the Regional Aviation Safety Forum (RASF) in May 2010. This group is dedicated to discussing issues facing aviation in regional Australia (that is those areas outside the major metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide), with a particular focus on operations at regional aerodromes where issues, particularly 'conflict' issues, may arise in the future or have arisen in the past.

CASA will work together with the RASF to foster effective working relationships on issues of mutual interest.

The establishment of RASF is an addition to existing industry forums such as the various Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committees, the Standards Consultative Forum, the Sports Aviation Forum and the Airspace Consultative Forum.


RASF members are selected for their knowledge of the regional aviation industry and their ability to work with CASA and each other on ways of proactively addressing safety issues. Members therefore include representatives from regional operators and associations with an interest in regional operations.

  • Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Ltd
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Australian Airports Association
  • Australian Federation of Air Pilots
  • Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
  • Australian Sport Aviation Confederation
  • CHC Helicopters (Australia)
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Gliding Federation of Australia
  • Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
  • Recreational Aviation Australia
  • Regional Aviation Association of Australia
  • Regional Express
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
  • Seair Pacific
  • Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (Observer)
  • Yamaha Australia

Terms of Reference

View the Regional Aviation Safety Forum Terms of Reference (ToR)

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