Create your SMS implementation plan

To plan for the implementation of your Safety Management System (SMS) you will need to:

  • review your organisation's activities against the requirements (gap analysis)
  • determine safety goals and objectives
  • consider what resources are needed.

Organise a gap analysis

A gap analysis can provide valuable information about what you already have in your SMS and what you need to modify or include.

You can create your own gap analysis or use:

What to include in your implementation plan

Your implementation plan is a detailed guide on how your organisation is going to implement your SMS. It should also reflect the changes and growth of SMS in your organisation.

The implementation plan should be developed by your key safety staff, who could do the following:

  • develop a safety policy and objectives
  • setup communication channels for staff and external providers about your SMS and their roles in the SMS
  • create an emergency response plan
  • prepare a training needs analysis.

Remember, your SMS is a living document. It will change with your organisation.

Prepare a training needs analysis

You must ensure that your staff are trained to perform their SMS duties. Conducting a training needs analysis will let you know your staff's knowledge and abilities related to your SMS and what training is needed.

Your training needs analysis should include:

  • a list of staff who need training
  • proposed courses
  • relevant training providers.

Not all training needs to be face-to-face by external providers. Training can be as simple as providing information.

You can find more information about training needs analysis in Booklet 5 of our SMS resource kit.

Safety staff roles and responsibilities

One of the key aspects of your implementation plan will be identifying the roles and responsibilities of key safety staff. Key staff can include:

  • safety manager
  • accountable manager
  • responsible manager(s)
  • committees
  • staff representatives.

They should spend time learning various aspects of your SMS, the importance of safety management and how it will work in your organisation.

Managing your safety data

You need to keep accurate records for your SMS that will allow you to review safety issues and predict potential safety issues.

You should decide if your organisation needs external software to manage your safety data or if your existing programs can do it for you.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
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