COVID-19 public health advice

Public health information

There are a range of health and border restrictions you should ensure you are aware of and follow. Review all relevant State Public Health Orders and health information to make sure you correctly follow mask and physical distancing requirements. You must also follow any border restrictions.

Medical personal protective equipment (PPE) in aviation

Make sure that use of any personal protective equipment (PPE) doesn't interfere with your safety.

Communication for flight crew requires clear enunciation, both with other crew and with air traffic control over the radio. It may be necessary to temporarily lift or remove your PPE mask to be able to speak clearly, but it should be replaced as soon as possible. You should not impair your vision with PPE. Consider the effect of your PPE on oxygen masks and other emergency equipment.

ICAO has published guidance for crew.

Medical certification

The aviation medical and medical certification approach to certificate-holders with COVID-19 is detailed in the COVID-19 self-assessment checklist.

Read more about when to let us know about illness and injury.

COVID-19 vaccination advice

COVID-19 vaccinations in Australia have been approved for use by the TGA for primary vaccination courses and some also for booster vaccinations. You should not conduct aviation-related duties for 24 hours after each dose of any vaccination. More detail about COVID-19 vaccinations is available at aviation medicine fact sheets and case studies.

Last updated:
11 Feb 2022
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