Role of ground operations inspectors

Ground operations are the tasks (excluding maintenance) that are carried out while an aircraft is on the tarmac before and after a flight.

After an aircraft arrives, it's marshalled to a parking position. It's then either connected to an aerobridge, or stairs are positioned at the doors. Ground operations crew then:

  • connect ground power units
  • unload baggage and cargo
  • replenish potable water
  • carry out toilet services
  • refuel
  • push back and/or tow the aircraft (as required).

What ground operations inspectors do

Our ground operations inspectors make sure the above jobs are performed as per procedure and also oversight:

  • operator manuals and procedures and the control of these documents
  • training, the facilities used for this purpose, and that training records are maintained
  • audit and compliance programs and compliance to the safety management system
  • load control communication, the loading system, and the communication of aircraft loading
  • GSE operating around aircraft including driver behaviour and adherence to the circle of safety
  • check-in and boarding of passengers
  • passenger safety while embarking and disembarking the aircraft
  • ground service equipment operator training, maintenance oversight and operation
  • ensuring the operator manual suite is followed for all ground handling activities, both above and below wing.



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