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Consultation opens on proposed rules for larger aircraft air transport operations

16 June 2020

CASA has opened consultation on the proposed Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 121 Manual of Standards (MOS).

We’re taking a new approach and releasing the draft for public comment in three tranches. This is the first tranche.

It has taken longer than expected to develop the MOS and by releasing the less complex chapters first, work can continue while we engage with our industry Technical Working Group on the chapters where more detailed discussions are expected.

We also hope that assessing the draft in smaller sections is more workable for operators.

This first tranche includes document carriage, emergency and survival information operational flight plans, narrow runway width calculations and weight and balance standard weights and documentation. These chapters were chosen because they were not dependent on other rules in the MOS and therefore could be considered separately.

Subsequent tranches will include performance, flight crew and cabin crew training, alternate aerodromes and fuel requirements.

The MOS will not be made into law until after the feedback from all three consultations has been analysed and any necessary changes have been made.

Questions? Please email flightopsregs@casa.gov.au.