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Aerodromes update: your one stop shop

15 June 2020

We will soon release several critical advisory circulars (ACs) to help you transition to the new rules. We will consult on a number of these.

A list of these circulars is now available. It includes:

  • an overview of the document
  • when we expect each document to be released
  • which ones will be subject to industry consultation.

You can view the AC list and find further information about the new rules on the Reviewing the rules for aerodromes (Part 139) webpage.

We will continue to release supporting material to help you apply the new rules. This will cover wildlife hazard management, apron safety, and weather operations.

Have your say - aerodrome personnel

We’re consulting on the draft aerodrome personnel AC (AC 139.C-02 v1.0). This will assist you to identify the various roles and responsibilities. It will also ensure appointed personnel have the right knowledge, qualifications and experience through minimum training and assessment requirements.

The consultation is open until 26 June on our Consultation Hub.

Visual aids training now available

New training provides an overview of key changes to the markings, markers, signs, signals and lighting facilities in the new rules. This free module is available on AviationWorx.

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