Newly revised Out-n-Back series now live

Date published: 19 October 2022


Launching today is the revised Out-n-Back safety video series that helps pilots learn the essentials of safe flying in remote locations.

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All existing content has been revised and broken into new, shorter episodes. Jump onboard the Cessna 172 and GA8 Airvan as you take a 6,000 km Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight through some of Australia’s most isolated locations in NSW and Qld.

The original 10-part series has been re-edited into 31 shorter, easy to watch episodes. Each updated episode explores a different safety topic and ranges from 3 to 5 minutes long.

In addition to updated content, Out-n-Back has integrated into our existing website. The new format helps viewers to easily navigate to specific aerodrome locations or safety topic chapters.

Out-n-Back provides tips from experts about keeping pilots safe and legal while flying and explores safety topics including fuel management, flight planning, operating at non-controlled aerodromes, weather, and fatigue management.

All content was reviewed and updated to reflect changes to the rules as a result of the Flight Operations Regulations as well as other rule changes. It helps to extend the usefulness of the existing product for the pilot community.

You can find the new look Out-n-Back.

Online version available at:
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