New way for community service flights

Date published: 18 March 2022


We have updated the rules for pilots conducting community service flights (CSF) and introduced a new way to comply.

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These changes are in response to feedback from the CSF sector, including engagement with Angel Flight, Little Wings and a recent online public consultation.

The changes are designed to be less onerous for volunteers and give the sector more flexibility to achieve safety outcomes. 

CASA 09/19 has been updated by CASA 19/22 Civil Aviation (community service flights – conditions on flight crew licences) amendment instrument 2022.

From 19 March 2022, CSF pilots will be able to choose to meet either:

  • the requirements in CSF instrument (as updated)
  • a CSF organisation’s requirements that have been approved by CASA – we’re currently working with CSF organisations on this option.

Summary of key changes:

  • The old CSF rules had additional 100-hourly maintenance requirements for aircraft conducting CSF flights. This requirement has been removed and aircraft are subject to the same aircraft maintenance requirements as private flying.
  • The requirement for a pilot to have completed a landing within the previous 30 days in an aircraft of the type being used for the CSF has been clarified. The original intent that a landing can be done on the same day as the CSF has been incorporated.
  • The old rules required CSF pilots to hold either a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate. This requirement has changed to also allow pilots that hold a medical exemption for a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate.
  • There’s a new condition for commercial pilot licence holders who are not also air transport pilot licence holders. They need 150 hours as pilot in command (PIC) of an aeroplane or helicopter.
  • Flight notifications need to be in a ‘written’ form, for example, the internet or an electronic form. This is to ensure all required data is captured.
  • Pilots may be able to comply with approved alternative requirements developed by a CSF organisation instead of the rules in the new instrument. CASA is currently working with CSF organisations on this option.

Further information on community service flights is available, including a draft version of the instrument showing the changes.

Online version available at:
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