New flight operations rules start

Date published: 2 December 2021

Cessna 172R on the runway at Gold Coast Airport.

The new flight operations suite of regulations commence today.

In the latest edition of CASA Briefing, CASA CEO Pip Spence acknowledged while it is a significant day in Australian aviation, there will not be overnight or dramatic change.

“This is how it should be, as the last thing we want is for regulatory change to be disruptive and to take focus away from safe day-to-day operations,” Pip Spence said.

“CASA certainly does not expect everyone affected by the new rules to have completed all aspects of transition today. For air operators there are certain actions that need to be completed, however we recognise some organisations will take longer than others to finish the transition.”

“We have also delayed the introduction of some of the more complex new requirements. This is to give operators adequate time to make required changes and allocate appropriate resources, as well as to make sure CASA has in place all the resources the aviation community needs for the new requirements.”

“I want to thank everyone who has been working through the transition steps and reassure organisations that may be behind their schedule that we will assist you to finish the necessary tasks.”

“We have done our very best to make the process as straightforward as possible, but I do appreciate this has been an extra workload for businesses.”

“We should not lose sight of the fact that there are significant benefits in the new regulations. There is a greater focus on safety management systems and pilot training and checking. The new regulations replace and consolidate into one resource hundreds of documents, such as regulations, orders, exemptions, approvals, permissions, instructions and directions. Importantly, they are based on what activity you do, making finding what is relevant more logical.”

“All commercial aviation operations are affected by the new rules and all pilots need to be across the general operating and flight rules contained in Part 91. While most of Part 91 reflects the existing flight rules, there are some changes and improvements. I strongly urge all pilots to get a copy of our plain English guide to Part 91, which makes the job of understanding this set of regulatory requirements quite straightforward.”

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