New flight examiner rating course options now available

Date published: 31 August 2022

Operators will now be able to seek approval from CASA to conduct their own Flight Examiner Rating Course (FERC).
A flight examiner and a student pilot examine a plane

From September 2022, CASA approved operators will be able to conduct training for:

  • flight instructors who want to gain a flight examiner rating, and
  • flight examiners who want to gain an additional endorsement.

As the FERC is competency-based, operators must ensure their course complies with the Part 61 Manual of Standards.

We will continue to deliver our FERC to give flight examiner applicants more choice of who conducts their training.

How to apply to deliver an industry-based FERC

Operators looking to deliver a course need to ensure they have the personnel and processes in place to prepare participants for the role of a flight examiner rating holder.

To apply to run an industry FERC, operators must submit the following to CASA:

  • completed application form
  • operations manual/exposition including:
    • instructional design
    • compliance matrix
    • lesson plans
    • key personnel
    • organisation, instruction staff and facilities
    • process for making change
    • management of records
    • communication protocols with CASA
    • quality assurance processes.

Once we receive your documents, we will review and provide an estimate of costs for assessment to the operator.

After we receive payment, CASA officers will conduct an assessment and either issue an approval or, if the application is not successful, provide the applicant with a notice of decision.

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