Murrayfield Airport to be decertified

Murrayfield Airport will be decertified from Thursday 27 October on request of the aerodrome owners, The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia.

A small plane taking off from Mallacoota airport

The decision by the aeroclub to decertify the aerodrome means that the instrument flight procedures at the airport will be removed.

Instrument flight procedures are a published procedure or route used by aircraft flying using instrument flight rules when they approach and depart from the airport.

They are used by trained and qualified pilots in poor weather and visibility to help them navigate to the runway.

Pilots flying under visual flight rules, where a pilot can clearly see where they are going, are not impacted by the removal of these procedures at Murrayfield.

Airspace users, including emergency services, can continue to safely use the airport. The airport will remain open and operational.

Formal advice has been provided to pilots through a notice to airman (NOTAM).


New aerodrome rules were introduced to improve safety and came into effect on 13 May 2022.

Murrayfield Airport successfully transitioned to the new aerodrome regulation by the deadline.

No infrastructure changes were required as part of or following their transition.

Legacy provisions were in place so that smaller aerodromes like Murrayfield would not need costly work to meet the new standard.


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