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Toowoomba pilots to learn lessons for life

Date of Publication: 
Tuesday 28th July

Toowoomba pilots will learn aviation lessons for life at a local safety briefing next week.

The lessons for life briefing will focus on key safety issues that continue to put pilots at risk when flying.

All local pilots are being urged to attend the briefing to keep Toowoomba skies safe.

The key safety issues being addressed are the need to avoid flights in low visibility and the dangers of unplanned or unapproved low flying.

These two issues continue to be factors behind a number of accidents and incidents every year.

Local pilots will be asked to look at why these types of accidents or incidents occur and how they can be avoided.

Other issues to be covered in the briefing will include regulatory changes, pilot responsibilities in relation to maintenance documents and the correct procedures to follow at non-controlled aerodromes.

Discussion about non-controlled aerodromes will look at radio frequencies, radio use and procedures.

Each seminar also provides a chance for pilots to give feedback and suggestions to CASA.

CASA’s Peter Gibson says the briefing for Toowoomba pilots is part of a national aviation safety education campaign.

“Teaching local pilots aviation lessons for life is a high priority for CASA” Mr Gibson says.

The Toowoomba aviation safety briefing is being held on Thursday 6 August 2015 at 6pm at the City Golf Club.

People attending are asked to book online using AviationWorx on the CASA website: AvSafety Seminars.


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Peter Gibson
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