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Small aircraft maintenance licensing changes postponed

Date of publication: 
1 July 2016

The introduction of the new small aircraft maintenance licensing structure is being postponed.

This follows requests from maintenance training organisations and aviation representative groups.

The new small aircraft maintenance licensing arrangements were to have started from 4 July 2016, with a package of amendments made to the manual of standards for Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 66.  Part 66 covers maintenance personnel licensing.

CASA consultation with the aviation community on both the Part 66 regulations and the manual of standards has been ongoing for a number of years.

However, key stakeholders and CASA recognised there were still outstanding issues to be resolved and some unintended consequences as a result of the proposed new small aircraft maintenance personnel structure.

Issues relate to maintenance workforce flexibility, career progression and the workload for maintenance training and registered training organisations.

In addition, more work needs to be done to ensure the regulatory requirements and the vocational training system can work effectively together.

CASA listened to this feedback and agreed to postpone the new small aircraft maintenance personnel licensing structure.

A comprehensive review of Part 66 will now be undertaken by CASA to develop a more progressive maintenance licensing system that will integrate a small aircraft licence.

As part of this review CASA will work with the national education body responsible for the development of training for the aviation industry to produce a more streamlined training package.

While this review is underway people can still gain an aircraft engineer licence for maintenance of small aircraft using the CASA basics examinations and schedule of experience system.

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