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New regulatory change timetable

Date of publication: 
7 June 2016

A detailed timetable for the completion of the aviation regulatory reform program has been released by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The timetable covers 20 regulatory change projects to be completed over the next three years.

These include the general operating rules, air transport operations, aerial work, continuing airworthiness and maintenance for small aircraft, small aircraft maintenance licensing, sport and recreational operations and unmanned aircraft.

The timetable also covers new regulations already introduced and still in transition, such as flight crew licensing.

This new regulatory reform timetable has been developed after extensive consultation with aviation representative groups and individuals from all sectors of the aviation community.

It will be adjusted and updated if circumstances change to ensure no unnecessary burdens are imposed on the aviation community.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, said the new timetable carefully takes into account the aviation community’s capacity to implement and adjust to regulatory changes.

“Our main aim is to avoid placing any unnecessary burdens on aviation organisations or individuals during the process of developing and implementing new and improved regulations,” Mr Skidmore said.

“CASA has allowed plenty of time for consultation on the development of new regulations so we can listen to feedback and respond to the views of the aviation community.

“The timetable has realistic transition periods to give everyone adequate time to move across to the new regulations.

“Importantly, we have taken into account CASA’s ability to provide information, support and guidance on the introduction of new regulations.

“CASA has learnt from past mistakes made during the development and introduction of regulatory changes such as the flight crew licensing suite.

“Consultation processes are being improved, regulations will be tested with the aviation community before introduction and information will be presented clearly and provided consistently.

“Our new approach to regulatory reform is consistent with the Federal Government’s response to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review, which stated time was needed for the aviation community and CASA to adjust to and successfully implement regulatory changes.”

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