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Mildura hosts aviation safety future forum

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday 29th July

Keeping Australia’s skies safe into the future is the focus of a special aviation forum being held in Mildura this week.

People from all sectors of the aviation community are converging on Mildura on Thursday 30 July 2015 to discuss the key safety issues the nation faces over the next 15 years.

The forum is an initiative of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as part of planning for the future of aviation safety regulation.

CASA has invited people and organisations from the local area, surrounding regions and interstate to contribute to the discussion about aviation safety. More than 50 people have booked to attend.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, says aviation is continually evolving in areas such as advances in technology, new approaches to safety and better ways of doing business.

“None of us can afford to sit back and accept that the way we do things today will be the way of the future,” Mr Skidmore said.

“That means we need to look and think ahead about what is likely to change, what change will mean and how change can work for us.

“The Mildura forum is a key step in developing a new plan for Australia’s aviation safety future, which is known as Flight Plan 2030.

“CASA does not have a monopoly on good ideas and constructive knowledge in Australian aviation safety.

“We need the contribution, participation and support of everyone in the Australian aviation community to manage the issues of today and to plan effectively for the future”.

Topics for the forum include fostering the most effective safety culture, developing and implementing regulations that achieve the right safety outcomes with the minimum of complexity, the best ways to support the aviation community to meet safety goals and requirements, improving communication, consultation and co-operation, the safety related impact of new technologies including, but not limited to, growth in the remotely piloted aircraft sector, low earth-orbit transport, and managing ageing aircraft.

The forum is being held at the Mildura Golf Club on Thursday 30 July from 9am to noon.


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