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Holiday drone safety warning

Date of publication: 
27 December 2016

Christmas holiday drone flyers are being warned to follow the safety rules at all times while in the skies.

Thousands of new drone pilots are launching their aircraft this week and safety must come first.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Peter Gibson says drones were a very popular Christmas present in 2016 and are more fun to fly than ever before.

“CASA wants people to have fun flying their drone but we need the fun to be safe,” Mr Gibson said.

“Open parks, a space with no people around or a secluded beach are great places to fly your drone.

“Places like Bondi, St Kilda, Southbank, Glenelg and Cottesloe are not suitable for flying drones.

“There are too many people and too many risks of having an accident and causing injury or damage to property.

“Drone flyers must not cause a hazard to people, property or aircraft at any time.

“There are penalties for breaking the drone rules, with fines of up to $9000 possible.”

Drone flyers must stay more than 30 metres away from other people, never fly around crowds or groups of people and keep their drone in sight at all times.

If drone flyers see a low flying aircraft they must ground their drone immediately.

CASA is also calling on drone flyers to respect the privacy of other people by never flying over backyards or around homes, apartments and townhouses.

Media contact:
Peter Gibson
0419 296 446