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CASR Subpart 21.M authorised persons search

This listing supplies the names and business contact details of companies, partnerships and individuals who, according to CASA's records, currently provide a design approval service to the general public. The listing is updated regularly.

A person who wishes to utilise the services of an authorised person should confirm with the authorised person that the authorised persons instrument of appointment is current and that the scope of the instrument is relevant and adequate to cover approval of the design in question.

Where CASA is aware that an authorised person normally provides CASR 21.M design and engineering services to the general public through a company, the name and contact details of the company (rather than the authorised person) are listed.

While CASA has taken reasonable steps to ensure that this listing is complete and accurate, CASA makes no representation that any person identified from this listing is presently entitled to exercise powers as an authorised person under the regulation or regulations indicated in the listing.

  • The CASR 21.M approval process is not used for the approval of the design of products or parts in accordance with CASR Part 21. For further information please refer to the CASA Advisory Circulars in the AC 21.xx series.
  • The listing may show the name of a company, a partnership or an individual. However, an Instrument of Appointment to approve designs of modification or repair is only issued to individuals.
  • For enquiries concerning TC, STC, APMA or ATSO please send an email to Aircraft.certification@casa.gov.au.