Integrated flight training for private and commercial pilots

If your aim is a career in aviation, then you need training beyond the private level. It may be beneficial to do all your training through to commercial level and beyond with one operator.

Doing your training through an integrated training course combines ground theory training with practical flight training. The course covers training outcomes more efficiently and effectively, and in a reduced amount of time. For private pilot licence (PPL) and commercial pilot licence (CPL) courses, applicants can qualify with reduced aeronautical experience after completing an integrated course.

Finding an integrated course

Flight training operators can run both the ground theory training and practical flight training. Or in some cases the flight training operator can involve another person or operator to conduct the ground theory training on their behalf.

Course outline

The integrated training course delivers aeronautical theory before the practical flight training. You will learn the relevant theory that corresponds to the practical flight component ensuring students learn the skills to support their practical training.

An integrated training course may bypass some of the common milestones of training when going from your RPL to a CPL.

While integrated training courses are usually for students who want to get an aeroplane or helicopter PPL or CPL, the course may also apply to other Part 142 courses including type ratings.

Last updated:
6 May 2022
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