PEXO system problems and solutions

PEXO is a reliable system used to hold online flight crew training examinations.

As support is only available during Canberra business hours, we have the following resource to assist with troubleshooting common issues.

PEXO operating procedures

Ensure that you are familiar with the operating procedures in the PEXO handbook. If you are not familiar with the operating procedures, you can:

  • repeat the AviationWorx eLearning modules
  • book a MYTH exam to reacquaint yourself with PEXO procedures

The MYTH exam is free and results are not recorded.

Exam bookings

Where possible, we advise to book exams on weekdays. This ensures a PEXO administrator is available for support if needed.

If a weekend booking is necessary, follow the booking procedures in the PEXO handbook. You can also review the AviationWorx eLearning modules.

Before making a booking, ensure the candidate satisfies all pre-qualification requirements. such as:

  • an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • all candidate details are correctly entered in the PEXO handbook.

Hardware issues

If you introduce new hardware, you must ensure that you reload the PEXO secure browser (PSB). In some cases, changes to the operating system can also introduce issues with the PSB. The adobe pdf reader must be installed and set as the default in order to print ‘Place cards’ and ‘Knowledge Deficiency Reports’ from PEXO.

Make sure you test any new hardware or system modifications in advance of any weekend exams.

Forgotten or expired passwords

Keep passwords in a secure place and renew every 90 days. To avoid any login issues on a weekend, check your password is working on a weekday.

Instructions for managing passwords are on page 5 of the PEXO handbook.

Restarting an interrupted exam

Connection issues will interrupt the exam. In the event of a lost internet connection or lost power, the exam may need to restart.

If there has been an interruption of the exam, the candidate must not leave the exam room.

Invigilators will need to confirm the new login to verify the correct candidate is restarting their exam.

Interrupted exams must restart on the same day. A candidate cannot restart the same exam on a different date. Exams that are unable to restart will be incomplete with no recorded result. Candidates will need to rebook the exam on a future date.

If you are unable to restart an exam on the same day, you must not press the red "end" button in the examination window. This will submit the exam as if it had completed.

There is no charge for incomplete exams.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
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