Exam equipment for Invigilators

Equipment used for PEXO exams must meet a minimum requirement.

Minimum computer requirements

The PEXO system requires the following hardware:

  • processer: Pentium III, 800Mhz
  • memory (RAM): 256MB
  • monitor:
  • CRT: 17 inch at resolution 1024 x 768
  • LCD: 15 inch at resolution 1024 x 768.
  • keyboard: standard
  • mouse: standard.

Note: no other hardware like disc drives are necessary. A printer is required for the Invigilator to print off the ‘Place cards’ and ‘Knowledge Deficiency Reports’.

The PEXO system requires the following software:

  • operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista or later
  • browser: Internet Explorer version 9 or later
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed and set as the default pdf reader to enable you to print the candidates place card and their KDR reports.

PEXO is not compatible with:

  • Apple computers
  • Firefox, Edge, Chrome or other web browsers.

General browser settings

Browser settings are as follows:

  • deactivate all pop-up blockers
  • ensure you activate JavaScript
  • allow session cookies
  • content filters, or the like, must not interfere with communication.

PEXO secure browser

Exams must be undertaken on a PEXO secure browser. The Flight Licensing Crew (FCL) will provide instructions on how to download the browser.

Only authorised Registrars and Invigilators will have access to the PEXO system. The secure logon process must remain confidential and secure.

Workspace requirements

The desks must have a workspace not less than 1350m by 750mm for each candidate. The candidate must be able to work with a mouse, keyboard and notepads comfortably.

There should be a minimum of 1.5m between the sides of any adjacent monitors.

Internet requirements

The recommended values are valid for standard aviation exams, using:

  • multiple choice questions
  • pictures or annexes.

Number of simultaneous exams

Download bandwidth

1 to 10

3MBS or 3,000kbps

11 to 30

6MBS or 6,000kbps

More than 30

Faster than 16MBS or 16,000kbps

These bandwidths should be exclusively available for the examination. if possible, avoid unnecessary traffic caused by others during the online exams.

If you are unable to comply with these requirements, please contact us for more information.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
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