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With more drones in Australian skies, mandatory drone registration and accreditation are on the way to help make flying safer and more enjoyable for all


If you’re flying for fun, you don't need to do anything today. Registration will open in 2022.

In the future, new rules mean you'll need to register your drone before you fly. Drones and model aircraft that weigh more than 250 g will need to be registered.

Registration will be quick and easy and should only take a few minutes to complete online, through the myCASA portal.

Registration will last for 12 months and fees may vary depending on how you intend to use your drone.

If your drone is lost or stolen, registration may help in returning it to you if it's found.

You need to register your drone or remotely piloted aircraft if you’re flying at or for work, regardless of its weight.

Model aircraft flying at CASA-approved model airfields do not need to be registered if they will only be flown at that field.

To register your drone, you will need:

Some drones won’t need to be registered. This applies if:

  • you’re flying your drone exclusively indoors
  • you don’t intend to fly your drone
  • your drone weighs 250 g or less (and it’s not being flown for or at work).

Remember, you don't need to do anything now. Subscribe for the latest news and we'll let you know when registration begins.


If you’re flying for fun, you don't need to do anything today. Accreditation will open in 2022.

In the future, new rules mean if you're flying a drone or model aircraft that weighs more than 250 g, you'll need to get accredited to show that you understand the drone safety rules.

Accreditation will consist of a short video followed by a quiz to test your knowledge. You will be able to complete it online, through the myCASA portal.

It will be free, last for three years and provide you with an accreditation for flying and supervising others. Children younger than 16 must be supervised by an accredited adult (aged 18 or older).

If you pass the quiz, you'll automatically receive your accreditation certificate — you'll be able to download and print it through myCASA.

If you fail, you'll be able to keep trying until you pass. There will be no limit on how many times you can attempt it, but you'll need to pass before you can fly your drone.

By following the rules, you're helping to promote the safe and accountable use of drones in Australia.

Model aircraft association members, flying at CASA-approved model airfields, will not need to get accredited if they will only be flying at that field.

To get accredited, you will need:

Remember, if you're flying for fun, the drone safety rules apply now but you don't need to get accredited yet. Subscribe for the latest news and we'll let you know when accreditation opens.

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