Interactive workbook to help flight training schools


A new interactive and fillable PDF of the Safety behaviours human factors for pilots workbook is now available.

Safety behaviours: human factors for pilots - new interactive workbook

This follows feedback from some flight training schools who said that allowing students to download and save their progress in the workbook would make it easier to use the resource.

The resource kit remains an acceptable means of compliance which means CASA recognises the modules within the kit as a resource for developing human factors internal training.

The kit includes 10 booklets and a workbook with practical exercises and videos to support learning.

The kit focuses on key elements of human factors including safety culture, human performance, communication, teamwork, decision making and more. It also includes topics such as the rapid growth of automation and satellite-based navigation.

All material is available for free online or via CASA’s online store (postage and handling charges apply).

Online version available at:
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