Have your say on a modular AME licensing structure

Date published: 16 December 2022


Consultation is now open on our proposal to develop a progressive, modular licence structure that is IACO Annex 1 compliant and would provide for:

  • earlier licensing outcomes
  • more flexible modular licensing structure
  • clear and efficient pathways for progression to full Part 66 licence.
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A modular AME licensing pathway would also:

  • set eligibility requirements proportionate to the scope and range of maintenance to be performed
  • describe certification privileges based on the associated training/competencies
  • maintain maintenance safety standards.

We propose to use the existing CASR Part 66 knowledge modules as the basis of the modular licensing structure.  This will ensure full compatibility with the existing CASR Part 66 licence categories and subcategories.

Licence applicants/holders and maintenance organisations will benefit greatly from the proposed modular structure as it would provide:

  • earlier licensing outcomes, with licence scope able to be expanded over time
  • more flexibility to obtain/expand privileges most suited to their workplace requirements, opportunities, or career needs.
  • more flexibility to expand scope of certifying staff according to their business needs.

We have consulted with the Part 66 Technical Working Group (TWG) on the technical details of the proposed modular structure and are now seeking broader industry input.

Following the consultation, we will continue to work with the TWG to consider feedback and develop a legislative package and explanatory material that would achieve the desired outcomes. We envisage this would be developed and consulted in Q1 2023.

We propose to implement the modular licensing pathways in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: existing exclusions would be used as a short-term solution to expedite the outcome
  • Stage 2: a positive descriptive licence that provides the same modular outcomes would be developed.

This approach would help in relation to the ongoing LAME shortage by facilitating more flexible licence outcomes for both local trainees and foreign licence holders.

To have your say, visit the Consultation Hub now.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//have-your-say-modular-ame-licensing-structure
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