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Date published: 16 June 2022

We are seeking your comments on the draft airspace review of Ballina, New South Wales.
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The review was conducted to assess current risks and propose solutions. The draft review has identified three areas of concern:

  • Frequency congestion
  • Heightened risk of separation incidents
  • Situational awareness

Nine recommendations to improve safety have been identified through stakeholder engagement and analysis. They are designed to adopt a graduated approach to reducing airspace risk at Ballina intended to build up to a controlled aerodrome service with an associated control zone and control area steps.

We are seeking your feedback on all aspects of the draft review, including the recommendations and timeframes.

Your feedback, together with other evidence and data, will help us continue working with stakeholders to finalise the best way to implement a graduated approach to improve safety and reduce risks.

The final timeframes will be influenced by your feedback and what is realistic for putting the final solutions in place.

Submit your comments on the draft Ballina airspace review via the Consultation Hub by 17 July 2022.

Don’t forget frequency changes start 16 June

As part of our graduated approach, we have already introduced the first safety improvement measures.

New radio frequencies are being introduced to ease congestion and improve safety around Ballina, Lismore, Casino and Evans Head aerodromes.

From 16 June 2022 the following CTAF will apply:

  • Ballina – 124.2 MHz (no change)
  • Lismore and Casino – 132.45 MHz
  • Evans Head – 126.7 MHz

Find out more.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//have-your-say-ballina-airspace-review
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