GA reform plan to cut regulatory burden

Improved pilot licensing rules, streamlined maintenance arrangements and simplified medical requirements are among the initiatives in a new plan to help general aviation recover and grow.

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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) General Aviation Workplan summarises existing and proposed projects aimed at reducing regulatory burdens on general aviation (GA).

We first mentioned this project last year and there has been extensive work involving a wide range of stakeholders working with CASA staff to get these initiatives underway.

Importantly, it recognises the challenges faced in regional and remote Australia as well as by the sport and recreational sector.

“The GA Workplan draws together CASA regulatory initiatives stretching into next year to give everyone a clear picture of what we’re working on,” said CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Pip Spence.

“CASA recognises safety regulations need to be compatible with the role of general aviation in the broader aviation industry, particularly in regional and remote Australia, and we are giving this plan a high priority.

“We believe it offers a level of transparency that will help stakeholders understand when, how and why regulatory changes will affect them.

“We are also committed to reporting on progress and if we don’t meet our milestones we will explain why.”

Early actions include the recently announced Cessna SIDS exemption for the private and aerial work sectors as well as the opening of consultation on proposed reforms to aviation medicals.

Consultation on regulations aimed at boosting general aviation maintenance will start shortly.

Overall, the regulatory priorities set out in the General Aviation Workplan will:

  • improve the pilot licensing rules
  • streamline the arrangements which ensure aircraft are airworthy and properly maintained
  • simplify the arrangements which make sure pilots are healthy and alert
  • facilitate greater operational opportunities for sport and recreational activities when safe to do so
  • finalise some outstanding standards for certain flight operations.

Read the General Aviation Workplan on the CASA website.


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