Frequency changes to ease congestion and improve safety around Ballina


New radio frequencies are being introduced to ease congestion and improve safety around Ballina, Lismore, Casino and Evans Head aerodromes.

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‘The frequency changes, which are expected to be the first of a series of safety improvement measures planned to be introduced, are in response to industry feedback following extensive stakeholder engagement and public consultation,’ says Anthony Lawler, Manager Office of Airspace Regulation.

From 16 June 2022 the following CTAF will apply:

  • Ballina – 124.2 MHz (no change)
  • Lismore and Casino – 132.45 MHz
  • Evans Head – 126.7 MHz

Mandatory radio carriage and broadcast requirements within the Ballina Mandatory Broadcast Area (YBNA MBA) will remain,’ says Mr Lawler. However special procedures will apply to IFR aircraft commencing a published instrument approach to the Lismore 33 runway via a position south and west of the runway extended centreline.

There are no other changes to operational requirements within the YBNA MBA.

ERSA, charts, and departure and approach plates will be updated in December 2022 in line with the standard publishing cycle.

Visit the Ballina public consultation to learn more.

All the details are in the AIP Supplement (SUP) published by Airservices Australia.

Online version available at:
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