Flight operations webinars

Date published: 30 March 2022


Air operator’s certificate (AOC) holders who want to continue operations in the old aerial work, charter and/or regular public transport classifications, will need to provide us with their fully updated and integrated manuals by 2 June. 

an image of a runway, blackened in the centre

We’ve developed sample exposition/operations manuals which will be of particular help to smaller/less complex operators and we’re running webinars to show you how to use the samples.

They will include what’s needed, what’s not needed and provide tips. We’ll also run through some examples.

Register now:

Make sure you get the most out of the sessions by looking at the samples before you attend.

Visit our dedicated flight operations rules pages on the website.

Ask questions using our online form.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//flight-operations-webinars
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