First release alphanumeric aircraft registration marks coming soon

Date published: 16 September 2022


Aircraft registration marks in Australia are changing to include a new alphanumeric system. The first release of 1500 new marks will be available from Friday 23 September 2022.

A photo of the tail of an aircraft, with the registration number VH-2AB

Initially, the new marks will only start with an X or 8, for example VH-8AB, VH-X9B, VH-X22. Marks will not contain the numbers ‘0’ or ‘1’ to avoid conflict with these numbers and letters. They also must contain a mix of alphanumeric characters - they cannot contain only numbers.

The full complement of marks will be made available when our digital systems are more developed and able to manage large numbers of alphanumeric marks.

Find out how to reserve an alphanumeric aircraft registration mark.

Online version available at:
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