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Sector risk profile for the aerodrome sector


The Sector Risk Profile (SRP) for the Aerodrome sector presents the key risks associated with the sector operations at a defined point in time.  The risk register was developed through a collaborative consultation process with a focus group of industry participants. The snap shot of the risk register is provided in the attached document and a detailed risk register is available on request.

The initial risk register provides a starting point for future consultation processes. The risk levels and controls identified may change as the consultation process in the treatment management phase progresses.

The owners for the risks and associated treatments were identified based on their ability to influence the contributory/causal factors and to positively influence the treatment of these risks in the monitoring and evaluation phase.

Please note that the risks are identified at the sector level and not organisation level. In other words, the applicability of the risk changes commensurate to the aviation operations conducted at these aerodromes.

The treatment control and management activities for this sector will be updated on this page once the work plan is developed.