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DRAFT CAAP 100.5 - 0 1 v1.0 Maintenance of aircraft - General requirements


 This CAAP will be of interest to any person who is responsible for the management of continuing airworthiness or maintenance of aircraft to which Part 42 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) does not apply, including:

  • certificate of approval holders carrying out maintenance of aircraft and aeronautical product s 
  • Part 66 licence holders carrying out maintenance on aircraft
  • registered operators and owners of aircraft.

 This CAAP provides guidance for maintainers, owners and operators of aircraft that are subject to the requirements set out in Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 100.5. This CAAP is intended to:

  • assist readers to find the relevant information for their purposes
  • provide policy clarification where interpretational difficulties have been previously identified by users.

This is the first CAAP to be published on this subject