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CAAP 42B-1(1.1) CASA Maintenance Schedule


This CAAP contains a copy of the CASA Maintenance Schedule but modified to include provision for the certification of each task and a final category and co-ordination certification. This will allow the schedule to be copied and utilised as work sheets. It includes daily and periodic inspection schedules, including Airframe, engine, electrical, instrucments and radio.

This CAAP applies to:

• Certificate of Registration holders of class B aeroplanes;

• Registered operators of class B aeroplanes;

• Certificate of Approval holders for maintenance of class B aeroplanes;

• Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME);

• Pilots holding a valid licence endorsed for class B aeroplanes; and

• Other personnel authorised to carry out maintenance of class B aeroplanes.

This is the second issue of this CAAP.