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CAAP 20.4-01 v1.0 - Supplemental oxygen requirements for cabin crew members in pressurised aircraft not above flight level 250

Published date: 
3 July 2018
Effective date: 
June 2018

This CAAP clarifies temporary non-compliance with cabin crew supplemental oxygen requirements as set out in Civil Aviation Order 20.4 during emergency situations where cabin crew may not be able to promptly access a supply of supplemental oxygen.

The CAAP sets out factors that would offer extenuating circumstances for short-term deviation from regulatory requirements.

Who is it for? 

This Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP) applies to aircraft operators generally, but it is intended to apply primarily to:

  • operators of pressurised aircraft conducting charter or regular passenger transport operations at or below Flight Level 250
  • flight crew members
  • cabin crew members
  • airline cabin safety managers.